Tuesday, March 13, 2012

What Would My 3D World be with LG Optimus 3D?

Evolution??Revolution??Is it bad or good thing??
In this 21st century, people are inseparable with smartphones: checking facebook, twitter, stock price, latest news, watching movie, gaming, etc etc...
Oh my goodness!!
Even during chinese new year eve dinner, you can imagine all the family members were not chatting around. Instead, everyone is busy playing with their smartphones....
That's why my mum screamed like a troll, hahaha.

It is undeniable that handphones become inseparable from our lives. Lets recall what handphone that i had used before,hehe

 3310,the first ever handphone that i used since my primary 3. No matter how hard it fell on the ground, yet it was still functioning. You are always the epic,3310,haha.

My second phone: 3100. It was quite advanced during that time as it had GPRS and it's a colored phone. A BIG LOL to to everyone nowadays,hahhaa.
N73 music edition, my 3rd phone when i studied at Labuan Matriculation College, indeed, everyone is crazy for this nokia phone when it is released because can support up to 4GB memory card and 3MP camera.
Sony ericsson C901. 5MP camera to overcome a little bit of my laziness to bring camera everytimes when going out.

Everything is progressing so tremendously and so do the handphones. The usual phones are slowly replaced by smartphones like HTC, Samsung, iphone, etc...I also get myself a Sony ericsson Xperia X8 with android 2.1. Android phone has lots of apps and i an quite addicted to searching those nice apps in my studies. However, you will never feel satisfied with what you have until u get the very very best. Honestly Xperia 8 can't really fulfill my need as the internal space is too little that i can;t install much apps. The saddest thing was this phone was stolen by someone at Petaling Street T.T
Finally come to this one, Samsung galaxy mini.haha, android 2.2, luckily the internal space still enough for me for now. But unfortunately, some of the apps are not compatible, it is quite a sad thing to me.....
Samsung galaxy Tab. haha, sorry to say that this one is not mine, it is my bro's. playing around with my bro's galaxy tab during holiday.

Then, i come across this webpage from Nuffnang Malaysia, i really open my mouth wide enough to put my whole hand inside. LG has come up with this stunning 3D smartphone. Oh my goodness. all the people sure gonna crazy for this new technology. 
Honestly, i never watch 3D movie in cinema because i will feel diziness when i wear the 3D glasses. I don't really have fate to watch such kind of 3D movie...

Thanks a lot to LG optimus 3D as it is no longer an issue about the diziness as it is totally glass-less.haha.

I can enjoy playing my Asphalt 6 in 3D, it will definitely full of excitement by watching the vivid 3D graphic. Not only that,i can enjoy the youtube movie in 3D.All my mind is full with the super realistic image with the LG Optimus 3D on my palm,hahahhha.I can even record my life with my beloved using this LG optimus 3D and enjoy every sweet moment of us by using 3D equipped TV at home.

Everyone is crazy for new Ipad now but i know this new 3D technology is definitely unbeatable even by new ipad or iphone 4s. 
Oh GOD, please let me to have this phone.i know there is no free lunch in this world. But with Nuffnang, everything becomes possible.wish me luck ya^^  *Cross finger*


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