Wednesday, November 23, 2011

find my way

need to decide my style,my path,my destiny........
i DUN want to be a normal guy who lead a normal lifestyle and die normally......
CAN i make TTW become a trademark or a brand????
hahaha,some day..............

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Bentong one day trip 7/11/2011

Yesterday, phyllis, pitchin,laiyuan and i went to kisho,my cute roommate's hometown, Bentong for a visit.
That was a nice escape from the hectic life in KL.Below are some of the photos we have taken.More photos at my facebook album.

 Bentong's wantan mee

 Chamang waterfall:)
ice kacang and cendol special

Valley resort 
 Coconut girls,haha
  trying to jump in front dataran bentong,fail plenty times,hahaha

 In the car^^

 on the way back to KL,tired and have a nice sleep:-p