Sunday, October 9, 2011

UPdate UpDate

Long long long time i didn't update my blogspot after the previous post,haha
Too many thing to blog about but i am too lazy :-p

 My big sister's wedding but so sad didn't take any photo and get irritated yet regret with my stupid expensive  ad lousy BENQ digital camera. 

The first time go OVERTIME to have alcohol drink with my crazy coursemates and celebrating my roomate,chye teck's birthday.

 The first time go Chilli to have dinner.
Lastly, just want to share some medical books i have found for this few days,haha
Hope i will have the determination to have a look on those medical books.
Here is the Applied Therapeutics - The Clinical Use Of Drugs (9th Ed. 2009)

Focus focus focus......must study today liao.....


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