Thursday, October 20, 2011

My Happiest Moment

If i was given a wish,i wish that i can freeze the time...
Time passes so fast everyday.
I am just like a zombie in this big KL city.
So many things for me to settle but i seem like don't care so much about them.
I really miss the moment, the moment that i do not need to care anything...

That's it...the moment i play basketball with my friends.
I start playing basketball since i am in primary school.
Although i am not an expert and never join any basketball competition,i like this sport deep from my heart.
I can really forget worries and problems as well as all those obstacles.

The moment i jump up,trying to grab the ball,i really feel that i am flying like an eagle.
I enjoy the feeling of freedom,i feel like being reborn whenever my perspirations drop down my cheek.
I can hear only my heart beat,pounding tremendously,starving for the greatest pleasure when i am in the air.
Indeed, that is my happiest moment.

Thanks to my friend, keychen who helped me to capture this photo with his camera.
Hope i can win a Olympus PEN camera in Happy Photography contest to capture all those happy moment in my life.
CHEERS everyone.wish me luck^^


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