Saturday, October 29, 2011

The shape of my Love

 Everything is dull until i find the love from you^^

My love to you will never dissolve

My big buddy line^^

A simple late post about my buddy line,hehe

welcome qianni and lee ann to my buddy line 

 Photo taken when Hari Interaksi Farmasi:)

 another photos taken when buddy gathering at Cola Club,Setapak,so sad gim hui cannot attend it.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

My Happiest Moment

If i was given a wish,i wish that i can freeze the time...
Time passes so fast everyday.
I am just like a zombie in this big KL city.
So many things for me to settle but i seem like don't care so much about them.
I really miss the moment, the moment that i do not need to care anything...

That's it...the moment i play basketball with my friends.
I start playing basketball since i am in primary school.
Although i am not an expert and never join any basketball competition,i like this sport deep from my heart.
I can really forget worries and problems as well as all those obstacles.

The moment i jump up,trying to grab the ball,i really feel that i am flying like an eagle.
I enjoy the feeling of freedom,i feel like being reborn whenever my perspirations drop down my cheek.
I can hear only my heart beat,pounding tremendously,starving for the greatest pleasure when i am in the air.
Indeed, that is my happiest moment.

Thanks to my friend, keychen who helped me to capture this photo with his camera.
Hope i can win a Olympus PEN camera in Happy Photography contest to capture all those happy moment in my life.
CHEERS everyone.wish me luck^^

Sunday, October 9, 2011

UPdate UpDate

Long long long time i didn't update my blogspot after the previous post,haha
Too many thing to blog about but i am too lazy :-p

 My big sister's wedding but so sad didn't take any photo and get irritated yet regret with my stupid expensive  ad lousy BENQ digital camera. 

The first time go OVERTIME to have alcohol drink with my crazy coursemates and celebrating my roomate,chye teck's birthday.

 The first time go Chilli to have dinner.
Lastly, just want to share some medical books i have found for this few days,haha
Hope i will have the determination to have a look on those medical books.
Here is the Applied Therapeutics - The Clinical Use Of Drugs (9th Ed. 2009)

Focus focus focus......must study today liao.....