Thursday, September 1, 2011

walao,Batu Caves1/9/2011

walk along the road to reach Batu Caves...a long journey....

Finally, i reach the entrance arch^^

can see the super big gold statue from the excited,haha

Getting nearer to have a clearer shot

the miracle light surrounds the statue???

The starting point, only then i realize my nightmare gonna begin...

272 rock stairs??oh my god,steep enough and i figure out that i have Acrophobia,somebody saves me!!!!!!!!
halfway towards the top,i think i have tachycardia :-s

finally reach the top of the batu caves,woohoo

the monkey in the temple,asking for banana??hahha

a must-take photo at batu caves,hahaha,ghost face:-p
can see my black carious teeth??hahha

On the way back, trying to calm myself but actually i am scared to death...
Sorry and to no offence,i really salute those people who are so interested to climb the batu caves.
I really beh tahan the smell and the bird feces drop from the sky...
Maybe this is the test their god has prepared for them??
I shall overcome my new-found problem>>>>ACROPHOBIA


Eve said...

you looked tired...(because of acrophobia?) anyway, looks like a fun trip..:)

宇浩 said...

haha,tis few days i walk quite a lot to collect data,maybe tats why looks tired,i think i can apply for guinness record after finish thesis,hahaha

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