Thursday, August 25, 2011


I blame a lot in my life...
I blame for not born with a silver spoon in my mouth, blame when the thing runs out of my expectations, blame the people beside me when i am in bad mood...

collegues at Perfect Livin'11^^
A nice working experience with you all.

After finish my part time job as a helper at redemption counter in Perfect Livin'11, i start my thesis life running around petaling jaya and kuala lumpur area again.
Thats really sucks as i have transportation and budget difficulty.
I need to consider every penny before i take any public transport.
So i walk for most journey...
The weather can be torturing and unpredictable.
The thing that makes me really disappointed is when i walk a long distance to reach a retail pharmacy but then the pharmacist refuses to do my questionnaire.
Thats really hurt and sad...
Many excuses have been given by those pharmacists.
The funniest one is i am very tired because of fasting and need to do lots of survey from government...
I really cant accept the excuse but after giving a thought for a few seconds,i decide to go back to that retail pharmacy to apologise to that pharmacist.

I shall appreciate more and blame less...
All of these obstacles are just some tests from god.
I know i can overcome it.
And i know YOU are always by my side^^


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