Friday, August 5, 2011


Facebook is definitely the hottest social network in this era.
Lots of cool stuffs,people and etc you can find here.
But i am not going to write about what facebook for.haha

Just a little discovery: there is no more difference using IPHONE and ANDROID phone to post something at facebook.huhu

Sometimes i feel quite envy to see someone post status or position at facebook using their cool iphone and android phones (no offence to iphone and android users,hehe).
i wish i can have one also.
Mark Zuckerberg surely is a genius (hehe,i don't get bias even i watch the Social Network,a movie describing how he develops facebook)
Upgrading facebook system now and then sometimes can be a disadvantage to facebook users but no matter you want or not,if you still want play around with it,you need to adapt.haha
But this change definitely a good thing,at least to me,muahahahha

But why Blackberry, Nokia, Palm, Sony Ericson, Ipad, HTC users still maintain it???
I wonder,ermmm......

iphone and android users when post thing become "via facebook mobile"

Sony ericson


window phone






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