Thursday, August 25, 2011


I blame a lot in my life...
I blame for not born with a silver spoon in my mouth, blame when the thing runs out of my expectations, blame the people beside me when i am in bad mood...

collegues at Perfect Livin'11^^
A nice working experience with you all.

After finish my part time job as a helper at redemption counter in Perfect Livin'11, i start my thesis life running around petaling jaya and kuala lumpur area again.
Thats really sucks as i have transportation and budget difficulty.
I need to consider every penny before i take any public transport.
So i walk for most journey...
The weather can be torturing and unpredictable.
The thing that makes me really disappointed is when i walk a long distance to reach a retail pharmacy but then the pharmacist refuses to do my questionnaire.
Thats really hurt and sad...
Many excuses have been given by those pharmacists.
The funniest one is i am very tired because of fasting and need to do lots of survey from government...
I really cant accept the excuse but after giving a thought for a few seconds,i decide to go back to that retail pharmacy to apologise to that pharmacist.

I shall appreciate more and blame less...
All of these obstacles are just some tests from god.
I know i can overcome it.
And i know YOU are always by my side^^

Sunday, August 14, 2011

This few days.............

This few days,i have really gone through many things that i have not experienced before.
THere are GOOD things and bad things also...

This is the first time i ride my friend,JJ's motor bike on highway to go around Petaling Jaya and Kuala Lumpur area.
I am totally impressed with my own courage.
Cars on highway are dashing and speeding like hell.
AND i really have a narrow escape when a stupid lorry driver drove extremely close to me and even touched the steering of the motorbike.
Thank GOD that i manage to balance the bike..what a relief...

I search here and there to find community pharmacists to help answering my questionnaire form.
Some pharmacists are really kind and willing to help,
But some are also quite nasty.
SPECIAL THANKS to those community pharmacists and also passers-by who help me a lot.

Another great thing is that i get to know a korean girl,wow...
Never in my thought that i can get to know a korean people.
She can speak english fluently, and has a very pleasant personality.
A nice, independent and polite korean girl,haha.

The incident that pissed me off is my phone gets stolen by chao ji bai foreign black guy.
I know definitely is you,ji bai kia,son of the bitch.....
I try to control myself and being manner but i just cannot..........
Fuck you,lan jiao people...
I just cant understand why Malaysia government organise 6P programme for those fucking PATI to legalise them.............
Is it Malaysian government out of their mind????????
Just go back to your own country lah,i don.t mind if i am being called racist.
So what,si beh dulan those PATI.
Doing nothing good but only causing crime and become an eye sore,at least to me,shit you.

Sorry if cause any unpleasant feeling....
I shall blame myself for being so CARELESS...

Some pictures taken when go around to find community pharmacists^^
Amcorp shopping center

Bangsar village

so many birds at Taman Jaya

Motorbike at Taman TUn Dr Ismail

At one utama

Bangsar south at Universiti station

Friday, August 5, 2011


Facebook is definitely the hottest social network in this era.
Lots of cool stuffs,people and etc you can find here.
But i am not going to write about what facebook for.haha

Just a little discovery: there is no more difference using IPHONE and ANDROID phone to post something at facebook.huhu

Sometimes i feel quite envy to see someone post status or position at facebook using their cool iphone and android phones (no offence to iphone and android users,hehe).
i wish i can have one also.
Mark Zuckerberg surely is a genius (hehe,i don't get bias even i watch the Social Network,a movie describing how he develops facebook)
Upgrading facebook system now and then sometimes can be a disadvantage to facebook users but no matter you want or not,if you still want play around with it,you need to adapt.haha
But this change definitely a good thing,at least to me,muahahahha

But why Blackberry, Nokia, Palm, Sony Ericson, Ipad, HTC users still maintain it???
I wonder,ermmm......

iphone and android users when post thing become "via facebook mobile"

Sony ericson


window phone





Thursday, August 4, 2011

Nothing is impossible

Finally, i come back to KL again after 3 months...
No matter i want or not, i still need to say good bye to that loving cosy life.
Thanks to wen chong to let me sleep at his house at the night i reach kl.
Pathetically, i play around with photoshop again.
The addiction is killing me.
Trying to comfort myself by giving excuse that this piece of work will be the last and i will concentrate on my thesis,hopefully!!!!

Nothing is impossible!!!!!!!!!