Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Tae Yang & Me

Tae Yang,a talented,handsome yet muscular korean man.
I am sure all girls like this kind of guy including me :-p
Somehow, I don't have determination to go gym to get rid of my fat tummy.
I first came to know about him in the MV below.

Haha,quite funny that i know Tae Yang 1st before i know BIG BANG.
Maybe because of that,i like him the most among these 5 guys.
His singing and dancing as well as his pianism attracts me.

I promise to quit photoshop but then my addiction comes back again.
Too bad spending many times on it again and again.

Beforehand, I even did hundreds of sit up and dumbell lifting before taking these kind of stupid photos.
But last minute workup always useless,haha
Just for fun and Tae Yang's fans,please don't shoot me,wakkakka


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