Monday, July 11, 2011

Colbie Caillat^^

Colbie Caillat,a familiar name to most of you,i think.
Born on May 28,1985,an American pop singer-songwriter and guitarist from Malibu, California.
I came to know about her from another friend,haha
Initially,she is not the type i like.
But after listening her song repeatedly,i start to like her singing.
She has released 3 albums so far.
And i collected every album of hers.wakakkakak

Coco in 2007

Breakthrough in 2009

and now the latest album(2011) All Of You.

Here is the download link if you are also fans of colbie caillat.woohoo^^
Enjoy ya:)

  1. Coco 2007
  2. Breakthrough Deluxe Edition 2009
  3. All Of You 2011


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