Saturday, July 23, 2011

Again and again

One week to go before i go back KL again, shall i be happy or??erm...
Have been attending Da Zhuan Zhi Ye (大专之夜) in 23/7.
This is the 4th time i go such event.haha.
Met some juniors there and found 2 pharmacy juniors there...
Surely need to admit that i am really old already.
Age gap is really a serious problem!!!!!
On the way to the Wei Kuok Hall, my motorbike almost got kissed by a car.
Thank god i am safe.
BUT i still get myself injured when playing basketball.
I sprained my leg again,arghhhhhhh....
The pain keeps torturing me and nw it swells like hell...
Hope can get well in this one week time before i leave sibu T.T

My fatty swollen legT.T


Eve said...

take care! haiz so not careful..

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