Sunday, June 19, 2011

Cascada-Original Me 2011

Another 3 days pass after finish my Industrial Training in RMC.
Everyday's routine is almost the same.
Wake up in the morning,open laptop and sit in front of laptop whole day long.
haha,such a non-productive day.
I just keep surfing internet to find new album to download.
This is another album that i have downloaded:
"Cascada-Original Me" which is released on 17/6/2011
I have downloaded her previous album,"Evacuate the Dancefloor" and honestly,i don't actually like it.
There are 11 songs in this album.

After repeating those songs for the whole day,i start to fall in love of this album.

Enjoy ya^^


Eve said...

haiz...line not good cannont listen...

宇浩 said...

haha,line at ur hostel not good?maybe too many people on9 liao :-p

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