Friday, June 10, 2011

Blood donation campaign^^

There was a donation campaign in Kolej Laila, Sibu on thursday.
But, i didn't go to see it.
Around 3pm,all the staff nurses in-charged brought back all the blood bad.
Surprisingly,so many students and even lecturers of that college donated their precious blood.
Thumbs up to you all.haha

Putting the blood on the table to cool down the temperature before put into refridgerator


Sherlyn Lim said...

those blood bags remind me of vampire~haha!

宇浩 said...

haha,vampire diaries really so nice ar?everyone macam kena that racun,hahaha,i onli watch one episode then dun watch liao:-p

Eve said...

so many blood...faint......

宇浩 said...

haha,in the future u have many chance to see more and more blood,haha^^

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