Monday, June 27, 2011

The Ring 午夜凶铃????

Under requisition of teh ice,i have to do another picture with the same concept of split personality.
He gave me some tips about mirror.
Whats the heck!!!haha
I search internet and encounter the horror movie,Mirror and The Ring.
Here are my crazy photoshopwork.
Enjoy YA^^

I just want to try to put animated gif in blog,haha

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Split Personality人格分裂

Huhu,another piece of photoshop work before i go play basketball.
Everybody have different characters,depends which one is dominant.
But hope the good one will conquer.
Have a nice day^^

Half face human半面人

One person will do anything nuts if too bored.
And this is what i do.
I know i am crazy and i have to admit that i am too lazy to work on my thesis now.
Sorry if cause any unpleasant feeling to you all.
just for fun^^

Friday, June 24, 2011

call me Vanness Wu叫我吴建豪

I know i am too bored liao.
waste a whole day just to edit this single photo.
Even ask my photoshop expert friend,teh ice for help.
Thanks very much to him and feel quite embarassing cause cannot achieve that effect,haizzz...
The result is not actually what i want.
But this is the best i can do for now.
hope i have more intention to learn more photoshop basic so that won't mempersiasoikan next time.
hiak hiak hiak

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Cascada-Original Me 2011

Another 3 days pass after finish my Industrial Training in RMC.
Everyday's routine is almost the same.
Wake up in the morning,open laptop and sit in front of laptop whole day long.
haha,such a non-productive day.
I just keep surfing internet to find new album to download.
This is another album that i have downloaded:
"Cascada-Original Me" which is released on 17/6/2011
I have downloaded her previous album,"Evacuate the Dancefloor" and honestly,i don't actually like it.
There are 11 songs in this album.

After repeating those songs for the whole day,i start to fall in love of this album.

Enjoy ya^^

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Borneo Post Marathon18/6/2011+ Cousin WeDDinG^^

Borneo Post Marathon Men Open 10km on 18/6/2011

Such a big crowd at Wisma Sanyan early in the morning.
So many athletes here are waiting for registration.

Here is the starting and ending point.

Finally finish the run,it is time for photo-taking session.haha
1st target, taking photo with Dr Tang, an anesthetist.

Meet my senior,kek chuong in this event also^^

Guess what,i get 12th place.I cant believe it...
Just kidding,this is the cash prize of my friend,shiaw fung in women open 10km.
Congratulations to her^^

Meet yaya,kml friend,haha

KML friends,from left:wee jyeh,shiaw fung,yaya and me,hehe^^
Quite a long time did not meet them.haha
Glad to see u all^^
Happy birthday to wee jyeh too^^

Lucky draw session,what a surprise!!!
i get a stand fan,LOL....
My lucky number just a digit differ from hers,Miss shiaw fung
who is extremely lucky today,haha.
Congrats again^^

Next time I will get the champion.
All the trophies will belong to me one day,soon...


The car used to fetch the bride and bridegroom.
Love shape purple roses,my favourite color,haha

Overview from the entrance^^

The backdrop,erm...

The bride and bridegroom cut the cake on the stage and open the champagne.

sorry,SS again :-p

Lazy to style my hair,let it be,haha
t-shirt plus short pants,haha
casual wear for me who don't quite care appearance,hehe

Split into 2,haha

Friday, June 17, 2011

Christina Grimmie- Find Me 2011

The first time i get to know this young lady singer is the song "Just A Dream" she duet with Sam Tsui,original version by Nelly.
This song really outbeat Nelly's.haha.

Since then,i even suscribe to her youtube channel.
This is her 1st single album-"Find me" which is released on 14 June.
Quite like her voice,haha.
She is cute too,hehe.
The way she plays her piano...
I think i am head over heel falling in love with her.

Here is the download link if you want listen to her singing,haha.
enjoy ya^^

Ending and Beginning^^

After six weeks of posting at Rejang Medical Centre (RMC),finally it comes to an end.
6 weeks, not too long but also not too short.
I gain a lot during the posting.
Hope i can remember what have learned (doubt it).hahaha
Special thanks to all RMC staffs.
Sure i will miss you all.
This ending means another journey gonna begin soon.
Pray hard everything in the future can run smoothly.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Blood donation campaign^^

There was a donation campaign in Kolej Laila, Sibu on thursday.
But, i didn't go to see it.
Around 3pm,all the staff nurses in-charged brought back all the blood bad.
Surprisingly,so many students and even lecturers of that college donated their precious blood.
Thumbs up to you all.haha

Putting the blood on the table to cool down the temperature before put into refridgerator

Monday, June 6, 2011


Wish everyone have a great dumpling day with family^^
For those not beside family de,here i send you the finger-licking "bak zhang".

For UKM students,can check result with sms:
UKM result A1xxxxx 8xxxxxxxxxxx,send to 15888
or wait 8/6 to check lo,all the best.

p/s:congrats to my sis and a big welcome to my sis-in-law,huhu