Sunday, May 22, 2011

When guys are together

Another shinny sunday morning.
Kimman,Jason,Eddy,Guong Wei,Ah Tung and I went to watch "Pirates of the Caribbean 4:On Stranger Tide.

SS photos in front of the portrait of Johnny Depp :-p

I m not the typical fans of johnny depp.
But one of the dialogue in this movie really gives me a great impact,haha
"It is not the destination so much as the journey"
, we shall focus on the process but not too stress on what result we can get...

After movie, we had our lunch at SugarBun.

It's lunch time,woohoo^^

Such a shame that as a Sibu people, i never give it a try before,SugarBun®

Afternoon time,we went to Kimman new house to play PS2.
Time passed so fast that i didnn't even realise...

Tomorrow need work again.huhu
I will be in retail pharmacy next week.

God bless me^^
Good night,muackss


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