Sunday, May 8, 2011

it's bowling day^^


Quite a long time since i last touched the heavy bowling.hahaha.
My parents keep asking me to go bowling, a competition held by "TING SOCIETY" (颍川陈氏公会).
Reluctantly,i agree to go.
After register my name,i still have to wait about one hour before start the game.

We play two rounds for the competition.
Just like usual, i really mempersiasoikan. hahaha
I try to imitate the technique in the drama i watch recently (yes sir no sir)
But then,the result is quite disappointing...
I become the gutter prince in the competition,hahaha
It is really easier said than done.
Most of the throws i make are such a failure.
I have to admit that i don't have much talent in bowling.

During the game,i manage to get only one strike and two spare...
how sad :'(
Total mark i get is 164points.
So embarassing...hahahha
Never mind lah,just a game nia mah,no need treat it so seriously lah.muahahhaa

p/s:Tomorrow i will start my industrial training,wish me luck ya,wakkakkak


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