Sunday, May 22, 2011

When guys are together

Another shinny sunday morning.
Kimman,Jason,Eddy,Guong Wei,Ah Tung and I went to watch "Pirates of the Caribbean 4:On Stranger Tide.

SS photos in front of the portrait of Johnny Depp :-p

I m not the typical fans of johnny depp.
But one of the dialogue in this movie really gives me a great impact,haha
"It is not the destination so much as the journey"
, we shall focus on the process but not too stress on what result we can get...

After movie, we had our lunch at SugarBun.

It's lunch time,woohoo^^

Such a shame that as a Sibu people, i never give it a try before,SugarBun®

Afternoon time,we went to Kimman new house to play PS2.
Time passed so fast that i didnn't even realise...

Tomorrow need work again.huhu
I will be in retail pharmacy next week.

God bless me^^
Good night,muackss

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Day 10:LSCS and appendectomy

Another amazing day for me today.woohoo^^
i watch two operations consecutively:Lower Segment Caesarean Section (LSCS) and appendectomy.

To be frank,i don't even know what is LSCS before entering the operating theatre.haha.
For the LSCS, spinal anaesthesia is chosen.
Spinal anaesthesia has many advantages for LSCS. The patient is awake and therefore her airway is safe. The baby is not sedated and is usually born in good condition providing hypotension is avoided.

The anaesthetics used:
  1. 0.5% hyperbaric (heavy) bupivacaine (Marcaine)+morphine. It lasts longer than most other spinal anaesthetics: usually 2-3 hours.
  2. Lignocaine (Lidocaine/Xylocaine).2% lignocaine has a much shorter duration of action.
For further informations,please refer

Special thanks to the anaesthetist, Dr Tang who explains to me about the spinal anaesthesia.
Big claps to gynecoloist, Dr John and all the staff nurses for doing their great job.
Thanks GOD for bringing another two new lives to this world.
Last but not least, Congratulations to the parents to have two little cute boy twins,haha^^

For the appendectomy,it is carried out by medic senior from UKM,Dr Zam(sorry if i spell the name wrongly:-P)
The world is really small,haha
The patient is asleep under general anaesthesia.

Dr Tang gives morphine and propofol by IV to relax the patient.
Once the patient is relaxed, an endotracheal tube is threaded through the mouth and into the windpipe before being connected to the ventilator.

The patient is on:
  1. Morphine 6mg
  2. Diprivan (propofol) 100mg-short-acting general anaesthetic agent with a rapid onset of action of approximately 30 sec.
  3. Esmeron (rocuronium) 40mg- fast-onset, intermediate-acting nondepolarizing neuromuscular-blocking agent to provide skeletal muscle relaxation during surgery.
  4. Atropine-to allay patient's anxiety pre operatively.
  5. Neostigmine-Reversal of neuromuscular blockade
another SS photo of me,huhu:-p
sorry i didn't shave today,ngek ngek

Thursday, May 19, 2011

ambulance call^^

Never imagine that i will have a chance to sit in ambulance.
Although not a special thing,it is just my another new experience,hehe

the first aid kit box

Kak Norliza,the staff nurse i follow today^^

special thanks to Kak Norliza for helping me to take photo,hehe

Another ambulance following us

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The 7th day of posting

Today is wesak day.
Public holiday but not for me,haha

The nurse, Madam Sia lets me to pack the medicine before she checks for me.
Guess what,i make so many mistakes....
Omggg,i need to be extremely careful next time liao,haizzz

Dr Clement Chen again expands my view with another new thing-Gastroscopy.
And there is one baby delivery.
too bad i can't go see,haha
I am not a pervert ok????????

What's next i wonder???hahaha

Monday, May 16, 2011

wow wow


What causes me to be in such a WOW state???
Today is the first time i enter operating theatre and i never get so close to see the surgery.
I know my medic friends gonna laugh at me but i have to admit it....

This afternoon, Loe ching and I have the chance to enter operating theatre to observe total thyroidectomy under Dr Clement Chen,a general surgeon.

Actually the surgery is not as scary as what i think...
The thing that i admire the most is the stamina the doctor has.
Walao ye...
i just stand there to observe without doing anything but feel really tired...
Dizziness and the feeling of unwellness strike me.
I hate the light very very much.
It hurts my eyes and i just can't adapt to it.

I really need to practise my stamina....
Still need a lot of hard work.....................................................................................

SS in the changing room

yeng leh??hahha

Sunday, May 8, 2011

it's bowling day^^


Quite a long time since i last touched the heavy bowling.hahaha.
My parents keep asking me to go bowling, a competition held by "TING SOCIETY" (颍川陈氏公会).
Reluctantly,i agree to go.
After register my name,i still have to wait about one hour before start the game.

We play two rounds for the competition.
Just like usual, i really mempersiasoikan. hahaha
I try to imitate the technique in the drama i watch recently (yes sir no sir)
But then,the result is quite disappointing...
I become the gutter prince in the competition,hahaha
It is really easier said than done.
Most of the throws i make are such a failure.
I have to admit that i don't have much talent in bowling.

During the game,i manage to get only one strike and two spare...
how sad :'(
Total mark i get is 164points.
So embarassing...hahahha
Never mind lah,just a game nia mah,no need treat it so seriously lah.muahahhaa

p/s:Tomorrow i will start my industrial training,wish me luck ya,wakkakkak

Friday, May 6, 2011

Bukit Tinggi 3/5/2011

太懒惰了,不好意思啦,嘿嘿 :-p

趁着假期,跑去了bukit tinggi 逛了一圈,就让大家看看本人的近况吧^^

长这么大的第一杯starbucks cappuccino^^