Friday, April 15, 2011

listen to your heart

Having my 3rd year final exam for this critical moment and i have no mood to study at all.
Struggle hard to reload the web page while complaining about the SUPERB SLOWNESS of the streamyx line.why don't i just shut down my laptop and study i wonder.

My pretty buddy asked me to lend her my digi simcard t reload to get a pass for 2AM showcase.
Maybe too out-dated,i only know that 2AM is a korean singing group which has few "handsome" guys,haha, i know i m jealous of their appearance.

Searching verycd to find any album from this group and manage to download the album "Saint o'clock".their voice and singing still oklah,haha.

But the song that impress me tonight is another song-

Just don't know why suddenly have such a strong mixed feeling when listening to this ermm not-so-new-song,haha.

opss..quite late already,i think i better off and study,haha,wish me luck in the final..


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