Friday, September 17, 2010

yeah,my first piece of photoshop work^^

Planning to go out this afternoon,but then change my mind and just stay at lonely setapak home.Actually,i quite enjoy such kind of so-called boring life.
I don't have to worry any of my housemates who will compete with me for the internet line.woohoo^^
But my noob laptop also can't grab this golden opportunity.The speed of changing one webpage still slow like tortoise,haha,tm point sucks...
My coursemate who calls thousand times to the tm point for their fix turns out to be a disappointment.The operator just gave the lousiet reason and did nothing.
Haiz...黄明志should sing tm point,diu ni lao mu instead of his old version,TNB...
sorry for using rude word and hope not causing any disgusted feeling,huhu

Oh ya,i spent whole afternoon to edit picture using adobe photoshop.
haha,but then i am still not so satisfied with the result.
haiz...i am a really noob kia in this kind of work,huhu
SIA PIK TUNG,KIMMAN WONG,you two see this??haha

can u find out where are you??hahaha

well,i get another nick name again,,haha,given by my friend.
guess what??yeah,you are right,hehe,i am a chicken.
i desperately need change my coward act to continue surviving in this world.
God,please give me strength and guide me...

Today,i learn another new abbreviation -(KDK)
Guess what is it??
ding ding.Time up.It stands for
hahahhahha,can't believe it.
But quite true also.
We must always KDK.huhu^^

By the way,i accidentally listen to a super nice song-IMPOSSIBLE by Shontelle.
haha,but i don't think anything will be impossible.
This word,IMPOSSILE should be like this-I'M POSSIBLE,wakakakaka
i shall start...........................


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