Friday, June 25, 2010

Gathering with old friends^^

There is quite long time since we gather to have meal together.

After finish secondary school, most of us have to separate to further our studies.

For me, I am quite lucky to enter matriculation.

Some of you enter lower six and some get jpa scholarship and go overseas.

Some also get the petronas scholarship,haha.

It is really difficult to gather everyone of us at the same time and at the same place.

But our friendship will never fade away.

You all are always in my heart. I am really glad to have you all as my friends.

I really appreciate the time having meal with you all.

Although not all friends attend the gathering, it is really the greatest moment in my life.

That day having lunch at鹅江楼and the steamboat at kuai ke li really full of funs.

The holiday gonna ends soon and we need to separate again but I will always miss you all.

hehe,friendship forever,huhu.


hot boiling water plus the vegetables and chicken

huhu,vege good for health

busy chatting with girls,hmm...

taking photo with mei mei and chea wei,thx to photographer,yee jun

cool man,look here,camera here lah,haha

promoting the egg,lol

jacqueline,panda and mummy,huhu

girls gang,haha,forget take guys gang,haiz...


helen,mei mei and ai rong^^

moi hua,future lawyer,wow wow,haha

my mum,siu ping and panda,jia yng,wakkaka

don't see any sight of me,haha,cos i am the photographer mah,hehe

panda so alert with the camera o,haha

ah huat who just came back from fishing that day busy giving speech,haha


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