Wednesday, June 30, 2010


The last day for me to lie lazily on my own warm cosy bed...
The last day to eat home-made food...
The last day not to care anything and just do what i want...

I decide to let myself off one day.
No exercise or basketball today.
Instead,i flip over my bro's DVD collection and select which movie to watch.
Lastly,i choose "FAME",a movie about groups of talented teenagers who try so hard to study at New York City's High School of Performing Arts.
I like Asher Book's singing.
The scene he played the piano and sang the song "try" in front of Kay Panabaker is really amazing.
hahaha,how deeply i wish i can do that also.

Everyone has a dream,no matter big or small.
I used to dream to be a dancer.
Really unbelievable that i will choose pharmacy as my 1st choice.
I like dancing but my body motion sucks.
Maybe this is due to my big-size body.
Like what people say,as clumsy as an elephant.
BUT it cannot lessen my enthusiasm in watching people's dancing.
Watching people do something you like is another form of satisfaction.

Tomorrow i will head back to KL.
Another hectic and troublesome life gonna start again.
God,please lead me to get through all those coming challenges.
I believe i can do it,gambateh ya tingtiuwang^^


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