Thursday, June 3, 2010


Today surely not a good day for me.
Last night i can't fall asleep as i'm too excited for the coming trip to Kuching after i have been there since primary three.But what is awaiting me is a disappointment.
When i wake up,preparing myself and then my dad calls back telling me that i may not follow him to Kuching.This is because his colleague doesn't go.Then he follows another collegue's car which is fully seated sad....
Another disappointment strikes me when i check my result.
As expected,i did quite badly in the final exam.
But i shall be satisfied as i didn't get fail but only get one "child".
Gonna be third year already,i really need to be serious on my study.
If not,i will be the 1st chinese to be retained???
Oh my god,i can't imagine that.
My parents sure will kill me.
God,give me strength to continue my two years left university life....


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