Monday, May 31, 2010

nothing special,be happy and don't think too much

A hot sleepy afternoon.Suddenly the thought of blogging with my broken english comes into my mind.After finish taking english for two sem in university,i really have no interest in english except all those professional scientific terms i need to memorise for my future as a pharmacist,perhaps.

Nothing for me during this holiday except the normal boring life everyday.I quite enjoy such relax life since i don't need to touch the super thick notes anymore.Spending whole day surfing internet for nothing and facebook-ing to see friends update are the usual thing i do.haha,really a waste of time.Watching all those drama and movies in my hardisk with tit-bits in my hands everyday cause my stomach to bulge like the balloon.Luckily,i don't abandon the thought of keeping fit.Going for basketball every evening is another event to pass my leisure time.Playing with my bro's dumbell,imagine that i can be as fit as one of the physiotherapy junior,oh god,it's impossible.haha

I think i get more hot tempered during this holiday.Because of that,I can't really enjoy something i do.haizzz....really need to control my bad behaviour.Why i always get mad when something is not like what i think?Trying to control everything,everyone,am i a king?What the hell...

Am i losing faith on you?I think i am quite possessive sometimes.I don't even think in behalf of you.I am really selfish and mother-fucking self-centered.Better go knock the wall if i still behave like this.Oh god....
I m sorry.Putting aside all those bad feeling,i just wanna have a enjoyable,restful holiday.It's not my style to be a wet blanket.I don't wanna be one either.I just wanna be happy.


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